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HM5003 Transformer capacity load tester

HM5003 transformer capacity tester can test the transformer capacity, type, no-load current, no-load loss, short circuit (load) loss, resistance voltage, etc.

◆ It can replace the former method of measuring transformer loss and capacity by using multi table method.
◆ It has the advantages of small size, light weight, high measurement accuracy, good stability, simple operation, etc.


HM5003 transformer capacity tester is designed for high precision instrument for measuring the parameters of the transformer capacity. This product uses color large screen LCD display, Chinese display, simple and quick menu type operation, man-machine interface is friendly. The instrument comes with a high efficiency rechargeable battery, which can work without external power supply. The battery is fully charged at one time and can continuously measure more than 100 sets of transformers. In addition, the instrument can provide precise 50Hz three-phase sine wave AC power supply test, measurement of load loss in transformer capacity and the transformer does not need external power supply and test three-phase voltage regulator, current booster and other auxiliary equipment, which greatly improves the efficiency of your work.

The instrument is multi-functional measuring instrument, equivalent to the usual two test instruments: active transformer characteristic tester + transformer characteristic parameter tester. It can measure a series of power frequency parameters, such as capacity, type, no-load current, no-load loss, load loss, impedance voltage and so on. 

The utility model has the advantages of small size, light weight, high measurement accuracy, good stability, simple operation, etc.. It can replace the former method of measuring transformer loss and capacity by using multi table method. The connection is simpler, the test and record are more convenient, and the work efficiency has been greatly improved.

Functional characteristics

1.Measure the transformer load current, load loss, short-circuit voltage, short circuit (load)

losses, capability.

2.Three measurement Methods.

3.Do three-phase transformer no-load, load test, the instrument can automatically

determine the wiring is correct, and shows three-phase voltage and current vector map.

4.Single machine can do the following 100KVA distribution transformer full load current

experiment; in one third of the rated current, complete 250KVA distribution transformer

load the following test (in one third of the rated current, the instrument can be converted

to load loss under rated current parameters, the machine is mainly used in the test bed

with integrated supporting the use of transformers. 

5.All the related test results are automatically corrected. Instrument can automatically

such as: the waveform correction, temperature correction, non-rated voltage correction,

calibration, and other non-rated current correction, so that more accurate test results.

6.320x240 large screen, high brightness LCD display, full Chinese menu and operations

to achieve prompt and friendly man-machine dialogue, touch buttons make the

operation more convenient, wide LCD with brightness adjustment, can be adapted to

the various summer and winter season.

7.Comes with real-time clock, automatically recording test date, time, the preservation of

favorable results, management.

8.Panel-type thermal printer, the scene quickly print test results.

9.Data (test sample set, the measurement results, the test of time, etc.) with power-down

storage and browsing features, you can store 500 set of experimental results with

computer on-line data transfer.

10.Allows an external voltage transformer and current transformer for extended range of

measurement, any measurable parameter is the test product.

Main technical indicators

1 .Built-in power output range

Voltage: 0 ~ 10V

Current: 0 ~ 10A

2.Characteristic test power input range

Voltage: 0 ~ 750V

Current: 0 ~ 100A

3.Test accuracy

Voltage and current: + 0.2%

Power: + 0.5% (Cos phi >0.1), + 1% (0.02<Cos phi <0.1)

4.Working temperature


5.Charger power requirements:  AC160V ~ 265V


1) Capacity testing, voltage and current inputto shell insulation resistance ≥100MΩ

2) Charging power supply input to shell frequency withstand 2KV(RMS), 1 minute.

7.Size: 32cm * 25cm * 12cm

8. Weight: 2.5 kg





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Yeah, we are manufacturer professional in design and produce high voltage test equipment with nearly 20 years experience .


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Our warranty period is one year free and lifelong maintenance .

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We can provide CE mark, ISO9001 quality certificate the third part Calibration Certificate (CNAS), factory test report .


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Surely, we have rich experience engineer to afford professional technical support and quick response to your technical questions .

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Product detailed list 

1. Host: 1unit 

2. Testing cable : 1set

3.Power cable: 1pc

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