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We offered two sets cable fault location system to Myanmar clients
Time:2018-12-12    From:This station    Read:660 times

“we had received your products yesterday,and used in morning,test results are ok until now”this is the feedback from our Myanmar customer, who purchasing two sets cable fault locations systems from our company.

One of the cable test set is Medium Voltage Cable Fault Location System,including HM-100 cable fault test host,HM-350 cable fault test HV power supply,HM-M10 cable tracer and locator and HM-K10A bridge tester.the whole set of cable location system is suitable for testing 35kV voltage level cable for route,depth and fault point locate, such as  DC testing , Fault locating( high resistance faults, low resistance faults, intermittent or flash fault), Acoustic Pin-Pointing fault location Cable Tracing ,Depth measurement , Cable sheath fault locating ,etc.

The other set is low voltage cable fault location system,including HM-100 cable fault test host,HM-251 cable fault test HV power supply,HM-C10 cable locator . It is suitable for testing 25kV voltage level cable for route,depth and fault point locate and123. such as DC testing, Fault locating including high resistance faults, low resistance faults, intermittent or flash fault ), Acoustic Pin-pointing fault locationetc .

The two sets product are configrucation according to customers tender requirement after we received the primary inquiry from the customer,we offered professional technical propose accordingly.

We adjust our technical propose continually based on customers’ requirements.finally,our customer win the tender with our help and promote coorperation between us.

In the whole communication process, our sales representative and our technicians demonstrate very passion and patience,offered detailed documents continually.Just as our commercial criterion,professional,passion and patience. 

Before we deliver the product, customer came to our company, inspected and learned how to use the the period of learning and training,we provide experienced technician to teach product function and usage.

For our every customers,high quality product and professional service is always available.