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2017-10-19 DC large Current Generator successfully delivered
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DC large Current Generator successfully passed the test before leaving factory

Wuhan Goldhome Hipot Electrical Co.,Ltd. developed and manufactured the 15000A DC large Current Generator and it was successfully passed the delivery test on Oct.19th. This is another  ultra large-scale current generator produced by our company after the 20,000A DC large-current generator. It marks that our company's capability  and technology of  producing ultra large electrical test equipment is leading the industry.

The 15000A DC large Current Generator is applied to ultra large current and long running time ,stable output current occasions in  electric  debugging.Therefore, the technical difficulties in the production process is relatively large. As a result, our company  strictly control the material purchasing,  semi-finished product testing, finished product testing and other aspects in the production process, so as to ensure product quality and meet the requirements of technical indicators.

Semi-finished stage test

test before leaving factory

The 15000A large current generator successfully delivered by our company is mainly applied to  temperature rise test and the bouncing test site of the on-track locomotive switch . In addition, the product can also be used in power plants, Variable distribution substations, and power equipment manufacture and scientific research, laboratory and other units of the electrical commissioning test. The ultra-large current generator produced by our company is easy to operate,and has a high degree of intelligence,  stable performance. It has become a  mature and stable superior product that can be supplied for a long time.