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2017-08-31frequency resonant withstand voltage test device smoothly delivered to customer
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600kVA/600kV frequency resonant withstand voltage test device smoothly passed the test before leaving factory


On August 31st,  a day of cool autumn, the 600kVA/600kV frequency resonant voltage withstand test device successfully passed the delivery test after a busy installation test by technicians from  Wuhan Goldhome  Hipot Electrical Co., Ltd.  in the morning. Furthermore,  all indicators met the technical requirements and could be delivered on time and in good quality to the users.


At the preparation stage of the delivery test, good quality is ensured rigorously in every link.

The following picture is during the testing period. 600kV corona voice sounds like “Zi-zi”, very shocking!

The 600kVA/600kV high-voltage frequency resonant voltage withstand test device has high technical requirements and strict quality requirements. The successful delivery of this product proves that the technical level of our ultra high voltage test equipment is at the leading position in the industry.

   The frequency resonant voltage withstand test series products produced by our company have the characteristics of small size, light weight, high quality. And can be remote controlled of wireless terminals, which can be widely used in ultra high voltage engineering test segment of power, power construction, steel chemical industry, rail transportation construction and other fields. Our company promises to seek for greater perfection that all products have excellent performance and delivered on schedule, so as to meet customersneeds.


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