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Testing Engineering in Hebei 2017-08-18
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110KV high voltage equipment handover test on the march

It was in August that people still feel very hot. As our company promised to clients the guarantee of the power grid's safety and smooth operation of power enterprises is our commitment to our customers. For this reason, our inspection and maintenance department   went to Hongxing Iron and steel Company in Qinhuangdao City, Hebei Province, and conducted on-grid transfer  testing for its 110KV power station under the scorching sun. This was the third test site after  the Yangluo  thermal  power plant and the Hanchuan thermal  power plant project, after our company has obtained  (the secondary pilot) testing qualification.

The detection equipment entered the field. Small size but great energy!

110KV main transformer AC withstand voltage test site!

110KV transformer GIS AC withstand voltage test site!


110KV cable AC withstand voltage test site!

The mainly test items were:110kV power station GIS interval main loop resistance measurement, sealing test,SF6 gas water content detection, withstand voltage test; 110KV transformer PT, CT test; transformer (63MVA) each tap change ratio test and transformer (120MVA) DC withstand voltage and leakage, DC resistance test, dielectric loss test, AC withstand voltage; 110KV 500MM cable AC withstand voltage and other tests. For this reason, our company has dispatched a technical team with extensive experience to form a project team, to ensure the high-quality completion of the test work , so as  to meet the needs of clients and to protect the interests of clients.

Our consistent business tenet is to persist in science and technology Priority, and uphold the supremacy of quality. We will wholeheartedly provide first-class products and first-class service for our clients. We would like to dedicate to electricity safety together with you ,and guarantee your interests!