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GTU Non Partial Discharge High voltage test system

Suitable for test high voltage, big capacity GIS power equipment insulated withstand voltage test, partial discharge test and GIS transformer accuracy test

It can complete the partial discharge test under normal circumstances, the general background discharge test can debug less than 1Pc.
On the equipment installation of high voltage bushing, can withstand test conventional electric power equipment.

Product Description

GTU series non partial discharge high voltage test system is designed for power equipment factory and GIS substation, GIS power equipment manufacturer, basin type electrical insulator manufacturer. Suitable for test high voltage, big capacity GIS power equipment insulated withstand voltage test, partial discharge test and GIS transformer accuracy test.

GTU series non partial discharge high voltage test system integrate the high voltage boosting, high voltage measurement, high voltage transformer, high voltage coupling capacitors and all components in a sealed space.


1.The non partial discharge tester is small and available with minimal space

2.Components are light in weight

3. Rugged structure capable of handling long distance transportation

4. Direct connection with the subject

5. All high voltage parts are encapsulated in airtight space to ensure high safety of operators

6.Wide range applications, adding installation bushings can do normal withstand voltage testing.

7.Built in high voltage measurement and PD coupling capacitor

8.Built in high voltage isolating switch, which can separate interface of multiple test products, to ensure safety of high voltage test.



Voltage grade : 100kV, 200kV, 250kV, 300kV, 500kV, 750kV, 1000kV ;

Capacity : 50-2000kVA ;

High voltage generated mode: high voltage transformer voltage boost and series resonance(power frequency,frequency conversion);

All methods of boost voltage are one level voltage boost,no need to cascade boost voltage;

Input voltage: 0.35-10kV;

partial discharge capacity: Rated voltage 3pc (normal environment) ;

Impedance voltage: 5%;

Temperature rise: no more than 65k (50Hz) when rated current operates 60mins.



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Technical parameters:

1.GTU high voltage PD test transformer

GTU high-voltage partial discharge testing transformer is the key of the test system, it is placed in an insulated container designed specifically for SF6 in the high voltage side isolated from other loop through high pressure disc insulator, low voltage terminal all placed in the junction box.

The low voltage side of transformer winding and an excitation winding and measuring winding (measuring winding only for system testing), for large capacity transformer (500kVA) compensation compensation winding independent, to better play the test pressure and load flexibility, improve the efficiency of compensation.

The transformer tank is equipped with an inflatable / vacuum quick joint, a pressure monitoring meter, an over pressure release valve and a temperature and pressure sensor for the operation of the console to carry out remote monitoring.





PD under rated voltPc

Short circuit resistance



Temp rising (60mins at rated current)





















≤50K(Power frequency)
















2. ZST voltage regulator

The voltage regulator adopts an air insulated column voltage regulator, and a smooth voltage output can be obtained. The component is isolated from the power supply, and the transformer and the compensating reactor are arranged in the same frame to facilitate transportation. The input and output of the regulator are equipped with air circuit breaker which is isolated from the power supply of the system, and the drive motor allows slow and fast voltage regulation. Zero start chain enables step-up operation to be guaranteed step by step from zero pressure.

































3.GLB power isolation transformer

The main function of the power isolation transformer is to reduce the interference from the main power line, so as to ensure that the background of the partial discharge measurement is below 1Pc.

Capacity matching with voltage regulator.

4.High voltage measurement

High voltage measurement signal from the installation of built-in system pipeline divider, with peak voltage meter can display the peak voltage of 2 V / and effective value.

-Measuring accuracy + 1% measurement value (10%--100% rated voltage)

-Measuring ratio 10000:1

-Rated voltage: matching maximum voltage of system

-Rated capacitance 50pF

-Partial discharge  ≤1.5pc

 5.Coupling capacitor

The coupling capacitor is mounted on a specially designed SF6 insulated tank, high voltage electrode disk insulator is connected with the high voltage end through the main system. Since the capacitor is mounted in a fully enclosed metal tank, it is free from any other stray capacitance and ensures high sensitivity to partial discharge measurements. The low voltage electrode of the coupling capacitor is directly drawn to the terminal seat of the tank through the shielding lead wire, and is connected with the measuring impedance.

-Rated voltage matches the maximum voltage of the system

-Rated capacitance: 100pF

-Partial discharge quantity ≤1.5pc

 6.BCL compensation reactor

The compensation reactor is used to compensate the capacitive current of the tested product. The reactor consists of two coils, and through the tap of the coil, a combination of a plurality of compensating powers can be formed. The combination can be switched by hand, and the remote operation can be realized on the operation console

Technical parameters of compensation reactor (partial model)







































7. GTU operation control system

The operation control system provides safe and convenient computer operation for AC high voltage test.


- High voltage test system shown on the big screen can be easy and intuitive operation

- Main circuit breaker on/off

- on/off operation (high voltage contactor start / stop)

- Automatic zero start

- Preset speed boost (up to 3 speed)

- Preset pressure value required

- Preset time pressure (withsand time after finishing automatic up/down voltage.

- Compensation reactor on/off

- High voltage isolation switch on/off interface


- First input current and voltage display

- Transformer input current and voltage display

- High voltage display

- Withsand test time display

- Testing system SF6 gas chamber pressure display

- Transformer chamber temperature display SF6


- Preset value of over voltage protection

- Preset value of overcurrent protection

- Gas chamber pressure / temperature automatic protection

- Lock other operation - Boost

 8.Universal adjustable butt joint platform

The platform is specially designed for the GIS switch test system, which can be easily connected with the GIS system flange.

Adjustable range

-Vertical adjustment: ±200mm

-Level adjustment (X): ±100mm

-Level adjustment (Y): ± 100mm

-Angle adjustment :   ±5º

(Remark: this is one of the specifications we showed on the website,for more specifications, please feel free to contact us.)

Test system composition

Basic system components

1.Column voltage regulator (GIS voltage transformer system adopts frequency conversion power supply module)

2.GLB power isolating transformer

3.BCL compensating reactor

4.GTU PD test transformer

5.High voltage divider (capacitor type)

6.A basic test interface

7.Digital operation console

8.Coupling capacitor


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