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HM701 single phase relay protection tester

Relay protection tester is significant instrument of calibration and commissioning used for relay protection circuit and instrument of power generation, supply and consumption equipments in the power system and large plant and mining enterprises.

◆ digital millisecond meter with fully-isolating dual channels and long time counting, large power AC and DC voltage, current output unit
◆high-precision multifunctional AC/DC digital ammeter and voltmeter, and logic control, overload protection and signal display unit with very strong functions
◆ adds the power frequency phase meter and automatic reclosing test function



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Technical properties

(I) Digital millisecond meter

1. Range: 99.9999S

2. Resolution: 0.1ms

3. Accuracy: ±0.001%±1 character

4. Measurement functions:

1) Positive and negative pulse width

2) With the breaking (making) of idle contact, positive (negative) pulse and circuit interruption (supply) of electricity, double-channel input can constitute 6×4=24 functions (Table 2 and 3 list the commonly used combinations).

5. The isolation voltage between two channels is bigger than 250VDC, 250VAC and the peak value is 354V.

Table 1 Shift gear table of input signal amplitude

Input signal amplitude (V)





Trigger voltage (V)





Reliable and non-operating voltage (V)





6. Input reactance ≥200KΩ

7. Refer to Table 1 for input signal range

(II) Digital phase meter

1. Scope of measurement: 360.0 degrees

2. Resolution: 0.1 degree

3. Accuracy: ±1%±1 character for input signal voltage ≥150mV, current ≥15mA

Accuracy1.5%±1 character for input signal voltage ≥50mV, current ≥50mA

(III) Digital voltmeter:

AC and DC voltage, digit display, maximum resolution 0.1V, accuracy 0.5%±1 character

(IV) Digital ammeter:

AC and DC current, digit display, resolution 0.1A, accuracy 0.5%±1 character

(V) Power source output:

1. AC voltage: 0~250V, continuously adjustable, maximum output power 1,000VA, with short circuit and overload protection, and current limit 4A.

2. AC current, 0~130A continuously adjustable, maximum output power 1,200VA, with short circuit and overload protection, and current limit 180A.

3. DC voltage output: 0-250V, continuously adjustable, with short circuit and overload protection, and current limit 2.5A.

4. DC fixed voltage 110V or 220V output, which can be outputted with AC voltage 0~250V or DC current 0~130A.

5. DC current output:

0~5A, continuously adjustable, with short circuit, and current limit 5A

(VI) Others

1. Power source: 220±10%, 50/60Hz;

2. Ambient temperature for use: 0~40℃, temperature ensuring the precision 15~35℃;

3. Ambient temperature: 90℃ (25℃);

4. Volume: 440×260×260;

5. Weight: 15kg;

Factory test and shippment

We will do factory test for every product before devilering, to ensure qualified of the product.

We will pack the product carefully and choose suitbale shippment for client,to ensure the safe arrival.

Installation and commissioning

we provide installation and commissioning assistance to get you up and running. Domestically within China or internationally, we will be there to support you. During the installation, integration and operation of a new test system, a variety of special services are involved. If it ’ s necessary, we can offer oversea commissioning service for our clients.

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