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Wuhan Goldhome Hipot Electrical Co., Ltd.
Wuhan Golghome Hipot Electrical Co., Ltd. is one of the earliest enterprises to develop, design and manufacture HV transmission and transformation equipment in China. In 2005 the company and Wuhan complementary advantages, Xin Sheng Instrument Co. Ltd., the reorganization of resources, for the development of joint-stock enterprises, and the State Grid Electric Power Research Institute, Wuhan University School of Electrical Engineering (Wuhan water conservancy and Electric Power University) closely with experts and professors and other scientific research units, has now become a set of scientific research and development, production, sales, installation as one the high tech enterprise.
  • series frequency resonant withstand test device test site
  • 2017-12-22 power frequency non-discharge test device passed the factory inspection smoothly
ISO certified patented products are applicable to various high voltage testing and testing sites
  • Resonant tester

  • HV test Equipment

  • CT/PT tester

  • HV Switchgear tester

  • Relay protection tester

  • Transformer tester

  • Cable/line Tester

  • Oil/SF6 Gas Test Set

  • Ground /Meg-ohm Tester

  • MOA /Insulator tester

Engineering case
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project case of power construction company

project case of electrical measurement testing company

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